Happy Birthday Blog!

It was Facebook’s On This Day that reminded me of the particular significance of December 22nd. Normally it would be nothing special; no big celebrations, no momentous occasions, just a few days before Christmas to get ready for the mania that is about to ensue once I get back home. But this year December 22nd marks the one year anniversary of this very blog.

A year ago I took the plunge, spent more money than I wanted to, and finally put my writing back on display for the first time since high school. It was a panicked experience for me. I didn’t know if anyone would read it, I didn’t know if the name was any good, and I didn’t know if I could actually come up with content worth sharing. Diving into the unknown has never been my strong suit. I’m the girl with the plan, the backup plan, and the plan for when the backup plan fails. This was new territory and it was scary.

But it was also worth it.

Here I am a year later and I can hardly believe I made it. There were times when I wasn’t so sure, when it felt like inspiration for the next post would never come but I made it. Posting three times a week was ambitious and it worked in the beginning but now I’ve adjusted, realizing I’ll never be a blogger with a set schedule. And that’s okay, I’m doing just fine with what works for me.

Looking at the stats from this year I’m pretty happy with the numbers:

  • 120 posts

Sure, a lot of blogs have stats that blow these out of the water. Some have more followers in their first month of operation than I have had in a year. But that’s never what it’s been about. I don’t think I’ll ever feel inclined to turn this into something that makes me money. It would be nice to score a free dinner or two for my reviews but that’s also not what I’m going for. This blog has, and always will be, about sharing my experiences and documenting the good that has come out of surviving.

In honour of Her Story Continued’s first birthday I’d like to share the ten posts I’m the most proud of. These are not all posts that had the most views but they’re the posts that have meant the most to me. They’re the posts that needed to be written, the stories that my heart wanted to share. So lets take a look at them, shall we?

10. The World’s a Stage
9. Why I Work for Free — A Story of Volunteering
8. Your Job Does Not Define You
7. One Last Wish
6. International Women’s Day — Why I March…
5. Six Lessons from Sharing Six Hundred Square Feet 
4. Father’s Day and the Gift My Father Gave Me
3. The Superhero I Call Mom
2. Seeing Myself in This is Us’ Randall Pearson
1. Dear Alma Mater

If you haven’t had the chance to check out some of these posts I would be honoured if you took a read through now. They’re not perfect, and this place never will be, but I’m proud to have stuck with it.

And I’m not stopping.

This week I was inspired by one of our Youth Leaders saying they wanted to write more in 2018. I want to do the same. I’m thankful for that reminder to keep pushing, to make time for this blog and my other writing, it’s something that has always been such a big part of me. I’m so grateful to have the chance to share it.

Thank you for reading, for sticking with me through all the changes and shake ups, lets give this place another year.

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