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I was looking at the date stamps on my phone and I can’t help but wonder where the last few months have gone. I was warned that the fall/early winter would be busy at my job but I don’t think I expected my life to be this busy as well. As you all know by now, this busyness in the day to day has led to me slacking with this blog a little bit. I hadn’t realized it was that bad until I saw that the pictures for this post have been there since September.

So I guess it’s about high time I talk about some of the best waffles I’ve had in my life.

You should know, this is very high praise for me because I love waffles. I’ve never been much of a breakfast person because of the fact that too often breakfast centres around eggs and I just don’t care for eggs.Toast, bacon, hashbrowns, they’re all pretty excellent but what I love more than them is a really tasty waffle with a bunch of stuff piled on top. Usually stuff that isn’t too healthy.

With that craving in mind, I went about doing my research on where to get some spectacular waffles in this beautiful city of ours. There are always so many places to choose from, regardless of what kind of food you’re looking for. It can definitely make trying new restaurants intimidating, especially since I hate wasting money on bad food. So far we’ve been incredibly lucky; we’ve found great Italian (see: Terroni), delicious pizza (see: Descendant), and fried chicken that was more than just a bucket from KFC (see: Joe Bird). And in Starving Artist on St. Clair West we found damn good waffles.

The restaurant itself had a very cool vibe to it with exposed brick, big bright windows, and those simply basic glass bottles of water for the table that I enjoy for no apparent reason. We walked right in on a Saturday morning with no issue finding a table but by the time we ordered there was quite the lineup at the door. I would say, it certainly helps that we’re almost always early.

When I read that Starving Artist was a place to go for waffles I didn’t really realize what that meant. When we sat down with the menu I opened it up expecting a regular breakfast menu with a few unique waffle items. Instead, I got an entire beautiful menu of unique waffle creations. Benedict waffles, french toast waffles, waffle sandwiches, sweet waffles, savoury waffles, all the waffles a girl could ever hope for. As the warning on the menu says: “Everything is made of waffles. On waffles. Between waffles. Or made in a waffle iron.”

So how the heck was I supposed to choose?

With the knowledge that we were headed to the Wychwood Barns for the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market (you may remember it from this post) right after breakfast, I knew I didn’t want to eat too much because we typically grab a snack or two at the market that gets devoured while we’re walking around. Wanting to try some different things off the menu, Matt and I decided we’d pick two items and share them both. A sweet and a savoury to cover our bases.

Our first choice was off of the signature menu. The Fully Loaded was a pair of potato waffles covered in sour cream, chives and bacon. It came with both a side salad and potato salad but of course these paled in comparison to the scrumptious waffles that were the centrepiece of the plate. It was almost like eating a baked potato but in waffle form which is so much better. The crispy outside of the potato waffles was a perfect contrast to the soft and cheesy mashed potato centre.

I don’t know it if was a typo or intentional, but Starving Artist’s online menu lists cheese twice in the description of this plate and it couldn’t be more accurate. There’s cheese in the potato waffles and there’s shredded cheese on top. I couldn’t have been happier.

Our second choice ended up being a sweet dessert waffle. The dessert waffles at Starving Artist come as a small plate with a single sweet mini waffle. This definitely wouldn’t have been enough as a meal on its own but it was the perfect amount to please my sweet tooth at the end of the meal. It was tough pickings between waffles with roasted marshmallows and waffles with blueberries and cream but in the end we decided to go with the Caramel Pecan Waffle.

This mini dessert waffle was topped with crushed pecans, whipped cream, and caramel. Quite simple but it was nicely done over a sweet waffle loaded with caramel chips. The whipped cream oozed down the side and the crushed pecans provided a nice contrasting crunch. It was definitely a good choice.

There was a final item on our order that brought my experience at Starving Artist over the top. When we walked in I noticed a chalkboard with different specials listed on it, this included meal choices as well as drinks. I can’t remember the exact name of the speciality milkshake we ordered but I knew I had to have it from the moment we walked in. You see, one of my favourite things from Walt Disney World is the Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake from Prime Time Cafe. It’s the perfect combination of sticky smooth peanut butter and sweet grape jelly in a thick vanilla milkshake.

And Starving Artist’s take on this drink was pretty much identical to Disney’s.

I love how different flavours just like scents and sounds can bring you back to somewhere. The moment I took my first sip of that milkshake I remembered one of our early Disney trips where my friend Maggi got to come along. Two sixteen year old girls had no business eating that much fried chicken but it was a great time anyway. The speciality milkshake from Starving Artist was a reminder of that great trip and a few others where Prime Time Cafe had been a dinner stop for us.

As I’m sure you can guess, I was pretty happy with our waffle adventure. I haven’t really had the chance to try waffles elsewhere in the city but I sure am glad Starving Artist made BlogTO’s list or I might’ve never found it. I’m also glad to finally get this review out there for you all. I hope you enjoyed yet another adventure in Toronto Eat’s. Now get out there and try some new places!

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