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After spending the majority of the weekend in my hometown visiting friends and spending time with family, I returned to the city in need of groceries and one giant meal prep to prepare for the busy week ahead. But before a cursed trip to Walmart and a heated cooking session with my stovetop, my mom and I decided to go on one last adventure for the weekend.

Black Creek Pioneer Village is a heritage site in North York. I ventured there for the first time a few months back to be a guest on a haunted tour. It was nice to hang up the cloak and lantern for the evening and let someone else tell the ghost stories. Black Creek is especially eerie since you get to venture inside the supposedly haunted buildings. Even with all the ghost hosting I’m still very much a skeptic but after the guide and I both heard the sound of scratching in one of the more haunted buildings I was not too keen to return to Black Creek any time soon.

Thankfully, today’s venture to the village was much more lighthearted and a lot less eerie. While riding the subway this week I kept seeing advertisements for the Artisan Village Festival that Black Creek was hosting on this fine Sunday afternoon. As we know from my venture to the One of a Kind Show and all my trips to farmers markets I am a big fan of markets.

With the sun glaring down and my focus on the soft serve ice cream I forgot to take the usual pictures I would for this blog but I can tell you the Artisan Village Festival, while small, was still pretty nice. If we had stayed longer we could have taken part in the heritage classes and workshops but instead we just wandered about the historic buildings and checked out the wares at each artists tables.

From handmade leather wallets to organic soaps, the Artisan Village Festival had a small but varied stock of artistry to admire and purchase. While we weren’t teetering out with arms full of handmade goods I did make two small purchases that I thought I’d share.

The table I marvelled at the most unfortunately didn’t have a shop name anywhere I could see and I failed to ask the woman for a card or something so I could look her up. But she had turned various Toronto monuments and street signs into buttons, magnets, and even wooden coasters. I ended up grabbing a College St. magnet to commemorate my new (it’s still only been a month, I can call it new) job.

My other small purchase was from a collective shop called The Evergreen Collective. I was able to get their card when grabbing the little trio of fabric button earrings that they had packed together in a little mesh bag. The three pairs of earrings were $10 all together which was a score seeing as they’re handmade and one of a kind. I’m already planning an outfit for tomorrow so I can wear a pair.

Our adventure was just over an hour and while it wasn’t anything spectacular it was still a nice thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. It also didn’t hurt that my job with Haunted Walks got my mom and I in for free. Afterwards it was off to a full afternoon of meal prep and cleaning, and now it’s time to just relax until another full work week begins. Lets hope it goes as smoothly as the last.

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