A Celebratory Meal – Bazille in Nordstrom

I’m afraid the weekend got away from me a little bit so this one is going to be short and sweet. It was a busy week with big news for me. I have a conditional offer for a full time salaried position with one of the organizations I have been volunteering with and I couldn’t be more thrilled. This of course led to a crazy week with excitement, juggling of priorities, and celebration. That of course meant that the time I would normally have set aside for writing my blog posts kept getting pushed back until suddenly it’s almost ten o’clock on Sunday night.

But don’t worry, the hectic celebrations of the week left me with something to share with you.

After finding out about the job offer on Thursday, and dealing with the fact that Matt didn’t get home until nearly 7, we decided making dinner was too much work and we decided a little evening out. We live in a good area but a lot of the restaurants are big chain restaurants that I just wasn’t in the mood for. Plus, the occasion called for something special.

Strangely enough, that something special ended up being in the middle of a department store.

Nordstrom opened up in two Toronto locations last year and I will openly admit I am obsessed with the aesthetic of the store and all the beautiful clothes inside. For the most part it’s a little bit out of the usual range of what I spend on clothes but I did get an Eliza J dress and a Ted Baker London skirt / top combo for Christmas from the store and I love them both. I really just wish I had more occasions to wear the Ted Baker.

There was no celebratory shopping trip planned (not yet at least) but instead our evening’s dinner took place at the restaurant inside Nordstrom. Different Nordstrom locations have different restaurants, the one we went to at Yorkdale boasts Habitant and Bazille. Habitant is more of a quick bites bar menu stop whereas Bazille is a fuller restaurant.

One thing we noticed right away about Bazille is how quiet and calm the restaurant is. It was the perfect place for a low key dinner for just the two of us. And the food was excellent as well.

To start we ordered an appetizer of calamari. I’m a big calamari fan to the point where it’s kind of my go to appetizer. Some people like mozzarella sticks, some people like garlic bread, and well, I like them both to be honest but calamari is something special to me because it’s just not quite as good when you make it at home. Or at least, when I make it at home because it typically comes out of a box.

This calamari had a nice crispiness to it but it was still very light. The lemongrass in the sweet chilli sauce made it a little different than the normal sweet chilli heat you normally get with calamari.  It made it a bit sweeter in a way, with a distinct lemony taste. Overall it was quite tasty and I wouldn’t hesitate ordering it again.

While I did quite enjoy the calamari, it definitely wasn’t the highlight of the meal. Matt and I decided to order two dishes and split them. He ordered the Crab Macaroni and Cheese while I picked out the Prime Rib French Dip.

The mac and cheese was incredibly cheesy an creamy with breadcrumbs on top to deliver a bit of a crunch. The pieces of crab meat inside infused the whole dish with a delicious fishy taste to go along with the cheese. The side salad that went along with it was nothing special in my opinion but the tasty bits of roasted cheese were yummy. The actual greens themselves were what threw me off. But overall the dish was absolutely delicious. Sometimes a comforting bowl of mac and cheese, no matter how fancy or not, it is all you need.

But for me the prime rib beef dip definitely took top place on the evening’s eats. The meat had so much flavour and the melted cheese the softly toasted bread just tied the whole thing together. The au jus was perfectly salty which I think is a really fine balance. Some places make it way too salty, others don’t make it salty enough but this was really well done. The stack of fries that the sandwich came with were both artisanal in nature and very tasty but I did not like the kalamata aoili but of course that makes sense: I hate olives.  I opted for ketchup instead and occasionally dipped the thin but crispy fries into the au jus. It was a delicious combo.

I would definitely recommend Bazille if you’re kicking around a Nordstrom and find yourself getting hungry. I would also recommend Peace Treats which is where we stopped for desserts. They have fully loaded milkshakes with a handful of toppings, some of which are as ridiculous as cotton candy, mini donuts, or a decent slice of cake.

We opted for the O Canada milkshake which was being offered for a limited time for the anniversary of 150 years since Confederation. The milkshake was rimmed with cream cheese icing, rolled in sprinkles, topped with whipped cream and then decorated with m&ms and a slice of red velvet ice cream cake.

Needless to say, I wasn’t watching what I was eating that night.

I always love discovering new restaurants that we enjoy and it’s nice to have something different close by. While I do love Red Lobster and Shoeless Joes, they are pretty generic. This was something different and as it turns out, different was good. And of course, so was the milkshake.

So that’s it for  me. Hopefully things slow down a bit soon but chances are they won’t. Big changes ahead may mean a lot more late night posts but I promise you, I’m not going anywhere.

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    1. Thank you!!! The milkshake was so good but I tapped out after a few bites of cake and a few sips. It probably would have helped had we not had dinner beforehand.

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