Fitness Friday – Not Another Picture of my Weights

When I started this blog I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do. I knew I had some adventures to share and a big heart to pour out into the world. As I began to really come into the community I realized I don’t spend enough money on make-up or clothes to ever become a style blog and when I looked at a lot of the lifestyle blogs I knew I’d never be comfortable enough posing for pictures to be the aesthetically beautiful girl featured throughout those posts. In the beginning, I really struggled with what this blog was going to be and how it was going to look. All the helpful tips and tricks I read from more experienced bloggers empathized the need to find your niche and to build your audience from there.

And I did find a niche, but I’m not sure it’s the one I intended for this blog.

My wandering into the weight loss and fitness journey tags really came out of wanting to find inspiration and ideas from others who were in it for the long haul. Quickly I found that WordPress has a beautiful community of diverse individuals just trying to be healthier, stronger, and happier. The positive vibes from the community were equally matched by realistic bad days that weren’t sugar coated in you can do it mantras. All of this quickly appealed to me. I hit the follow button several dozen times and soon enough found myself within the community, blogging about the workouts I was trying, the meals I was prepping, and all that little things that make weight loss and fitness so challenging. As time pushed on more and more of my posts focused on my weight loss and everything that I was doing to achieve that.

But that was never the intention of this blog.

My tagline from day one has been “A girl learning to love herself and the world around her.” and while that does include learning to love my body by taking better care of it, that is not the centre of things. You see, there have been a few long stretches in my life where a great lack of mental health has led to me enjoying absolutely nothing. I was out of touch with the world and truly not interested in being part of it. My major battle in life is not what size of jeans I’m wearing, it’s making sure I don’t lose my love of life again and so that is what I’m going to focus on.

Going forward Her Story Continued will feature a lot more of me just living. This means sharing more of my adventures, whether they happen in the city or just around the house (I have a lot of board games to show off). I’m going to talk more about the people who inspire me, and the things I do in my life to bring meaning to it.

Now, just as the end of Tasty Tuesday didn’t mean I would no longer be posting about food, the end of Fitness Friday does not mean I won’t keep talking about workouts and different things I’m doing to power through a major motivational slump. I’m definitely not about to leave the community either, because reading your posts and following your journeys has helped me stick with mine. All this means is that you won’t be getting a post every single Friday that talks about workouts, gear, or anything else fitness related. Working to change my body and to improve my health is definitely still a big part of my life and it’s going to pop up but it won’t be a focus of this blog anymore.

You will still hear from me twice a week; I’m going to try Wednesday as a new posting day in addition to my regular Sunday posts. There’s lots more coming for you readers, I’m not going anywhere. And hopefully neither are you.

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    1. Thank you so much for your continued readership! I look forward to sharing more with you all, I’m not sure what direction exactly I’ll be moving in but that’s what excites me about it all. x

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