Oh The Places You’ll Go…

So technically the first day of summer was only a few days ago but the warm weather rolled in a few weeks ago and because of that we’ve been pretty busy with adventure after adventure. I’ve already shared a few of them in my previous posts but since the sunshine dragged us back out of the house again yesterday I figured I’d give you all another look on yet another adventure day planned in the city.

The plan was to go down to the Junction Farmer’s Market to grab everything we needed for a picnic but as it turns out the market is quite small and lacking picnic type goodies. It was more a fresh vegetable market which would have been good for a grocery shop but wasn’t so great for filling our picnic bag. Luckily, I’m pretty good at improvising and we quickly found a place to grab some brunch.

People seem to have an obsession with brunch but honestly nine times out of ten I find it’s just a breakfast menu that people eat off of a little later. But despite this I do like checking out new little spots and The Mugshot Tavern was something that just popped up on my phone when checking to see what was around the area. Matt had an unusual chicken and waffles eggs benedict which was smothered in gravy and was tasty, while Jess and I had more traditional brunches of a breakfast burrito and plain old chicken and waffles. Nothing was over the top spectacular but it fuelled us up for our walk into High Park.

Now, I’m not much of a nature person. I’d rather walk a few city blocks than roll around in a field of grass. It perhaps has something to do with the plethora of outdoor related allergies I have. Still, High Park quickly became one of my favourite new adventures and that was solely for the off leash dog area. I’m not even sure how many dogs we saw on the walk on the trail but I know I couldn’t take the smile off of my lips the entire time. My friend Jess was only slightly more excited when she got to go to see the baby capybaras at the High Park Zoo.

After the zoo we took a long street car ride up to College Street to go for donuts. Jelly Modern Donuts is an upscale gourmet donut joint that I’ve visited a couple of times now. Like most speciality dessert places it is a bit on the pricier end but it’s not bad if you’re only grabbing one. The donuts are a good size and they’re really tasty. Matt ordered the seasonal fruit, I got the chef’s creation (pralines and cream) and Jess grabbed a Madagascar vanilla which is actually the first donut I myself ever tried from the shop.

Just like the time’s before, the donuts did not disappoint.

Our adventure continued in Kensington Market where we wandered through some shops, paid way too much for freshly squeezed orange juice, and just beat the dinner rush at Seven Lives, my number one taco joint in the city. It was a day filled with new and old adventures, a couple of laughs and a bit of sun.

So that was our adventure this weekend. Sunday morning came early with an 8am volunteering session and now it’s time to wind down before another work week. Hopefully there will be more adventures soon.

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