Fitness Friday – Motivation Meltdown

I want to be quite transparent with you all this week: I hit a slump, a really unfortunate one. It started with a few unplanned treats and evolved into skipped workouts, binge eating, and a whole lot of slacking off from this lifestyle I’ve committed myself to. This slow fall began about two weeks ago when I let one night out become a whole bunch of nights stuffing my face.

Now, like many, I’ve been here before. I know very few people who have been on only one weight loss journey and succeeded right off the bat. Lord knows this is probably my fourth or fifth time though it feels more like the fiftieth. Since I have these past experiences I know that this is a make or break moment for me. It is one where I could easily allow myself to fall back into old habits and slowly but surely put the weight back on. That’s exactly what happened last year when I gave up the gym and ate a few too many meals at a theme park.

Of course I do not want to let that happen again but it’s become a little bit harder when I’m no longer feeling motivated. I hate taking that 30-60 minutes out of my day to work out, not to mention the fact that my time showering and doing laundry increases because of it as well. It’s exhausting trying to mentally force myself to say no to certain foods and to walk away from simple things like ice cream trucks. It would be so much easier just to say screw it and eat whenever I want. But of course I have to also think of the things that won’t be easier.

If I give up now it’ll be a hell of a lot harder to walk up the flights of stairs in my building.

If I give up now I won’t be fitting into that Eliza J dress I bought that was already a little snug.

If I give up now my health will continue to suffer and I’ll only increase my chances of getting sick.

If I give up now I’ll be unhappy with myself again, not just with the way I look but because I know I cut myself short.

So with all these reminders I got up today and decided a quick 20 minutes pilates workout with 15 minutes of dancing beforehand should be a good way to ease myself back in. It wasn’t like I was going to suddenly gain back all my motivation or anything but it was definitely a step in the right direction. I turned on an oldies playlist from 8tracks that I love and I just went for it.

I pushed through even though I didn’t really want to. Motivation isn’t always easy, it doesn’t always come naturally and sometimes you really have to fight for it. Sometimes you have to work without it at all. But you can make yourself do these things even when you don’t want to. It’s something I’ve shown myself time and time again when I’ve put on my sports bra and started a workout even when I really just wanted to be lounging on the couch.

If you’re ever hitting a slump just try to remind yourself that it doesn’t have to be forever. You can come back from a few bad days. You can come back from a few bad weeks. Hell, you can come back from a couple of bad years. It’s going to take work and you’re going to have to fight for it but you can do it.

So if you’re debating whether or not you really want to crush that workout today, then this is your call to action. Turn on whatever music motivates you and get to work. You’ve got this!

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  1. Well said! I don’t think a lot of people going into this realise that it’s completely normal to hit a slump every now and then. A weight loss journey is never one straight line going up. When I hit one of my slumps I usually find that it helps to watch fitness-related videos on YouTube and if you’re really down just to step back a bit from exercise and relax while eating healthily, so that even though you’re not moving you’re still treating your body like a temple.

    1. I definitely think I constantly remind others that slumps are normal and it’s never one straight line but I seem to still forget it myself. It’s so easy to get discouraged. I’m definitely going to try watching fitness videos on Youtube now that you’ve suggested it. Thanks, as always, for the encouragement and the continued readership! x

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