Fitness Friday – May Review

Well my lovely readers, I’m excited to say that May was very good to me. I am two weeks out from finishing some lengthy volunteer training I’ve been doing since April, I am now on the awards committee for the gala I am helping plan, and I started both of my part time jobs. It was definitely a month of big exciting things happening in my life, and even with everything going on I still managed to do pretty well on the goals I set for myself in the last monthly review.

Lets take a look, shall we?

Working Out

Goal: 5,000 steps at least five times a week

This is definitely the goal I did the best on. With my handy new Fitbit it became a lot easier to see how many steps I was taking in a day and it turns out it was a lot more than I originally thought. I had worried it would be hard to hit 5,000 steps most days but it turns out on many days I hit that number well before lunch time. I had no problem surpassing this goal and my Doors Open day with my family actually led to me smashing through it with 25,000 steps for the day. Apparently exploring the city can be just as effective as exploring the Magic Kingdom.

Since 5,000 steps was clearly not a big enough challenge for me, I have really upped the ante on this one. My first goal this month is to get 10,000 steps at least five times a week. This gives me a chance to have two days to rest to recover if I’m not leaving the apartment or if I just don’t have any big walking plans.

In addition to this goal, I also jumped into the Blogilates for Beginners Calendar and I’m just a few days out from finishing it (in which I will tell you all about my experience). It has definitely been challenging and while it wasn’t really my favourite in terms of workout structure it was something that really refreshed me and gave me some new motivation. With this in mind, I’ve created my own workout calendar to follow for the month. It overlaps with the Blogilates calendar since I started that one late but basically it lays out my workouts for me every day that way I don’t have an excuse not to do them. My goal is  to stick with this calendar for the month in addition to getting those 10,000 steps. I will be posting a part 2 of this Fitness Friday to go over this calendar in depth with links to each of the workouts just in case anyone feels like joining me.

Healthy Eating

Goal: Only indulging on planned days

For the most part this went really well, not perfectly but I’m quite satisfied because I only had two slip ups and it was because new plans were made. As I’ve said before, I’m not going to turn down an experience just because there is bad food involved. So one day I went out for sushi with my family which was definitely an experience because my grandfather had never been before. We ordered way too much and I ended up skipping dinner that day because I was still in a sushi coma. However, it completely cured the craving and I don’t think I’ll be rushing back for All-You-Can-Eat sushi any time soon.

The second slip up was this past Tuesday’s trip to La Carnita which was featured in my last post. Matt and Keeragh’s trip to the Jay’s game was a last second thing and while I wasn’t interested in going to watch baseball I did want to spend time with two of my favourite people. Naturally, dinner was the way to do that. I had gone in with good intentions of only having 2 tacos, a piece of corn, and water to drink but everything was so delicious that I ended up with way more than planned. I’m not too worried about it though, I’ve hopped right back in to healthy eating and this month I’ve decided to really challenge myself.

My goal is after today I will not have any candy, sweets or chocolate until at least June 20th when I have plans to meet my mom an her friends for dinner. I am also going to try and minimize eating out at this time, and when I do go out I’ll be making health conscious choices. Fingers crossed that this goes well.

Living Better

Goal: Leaving the apartment at least 4 times a week for an hour

Turns out, I had a lot going on in May so hitting this goal really wasn’t a problem. I did a lot of extra exploring before and after work-related outings so I had a lot of chances to be out of the apartment. I also spent two weekends back in my hometown and that kept me from being too cooped up. Overall, this challenge was just a great reminder that when I am feeling bogged down and isolated, all it takes sometimes is a venture outside. It’s a good reminder because I’m someone who tends to go hide in their bedroom instead, and while that is nice some days, it isn’t healthy to do all the time. Even if I have to drag myself out for an hour it usually make me feel better.

So June is going to be a little different for me because I’m no longer going to be sitting around in my apartment most days, looking for something to do. As of next week my two jobs will be going full force and juggling them alongside my volunteering commitments is really going to be my priority. Of course, life can’t just be about work so my living better goal this month is about once again self-care. I’m challenging myself to take one hour a day to do something for myself whether that’s reading a book, taking a bubble bath, or just having a little nap. My hope is to maintain some balance with my work schedule and to prevent myself from burning out. I’ve already kicked June off with a little treat of Injustice 2 and some home spa goodies.

So that was May for me, it was definitely a positive experience with some minor slip ups here and there. But hey, that’s life! Nothing is ever going to be perfect and I’m totally fine with that. A little bit of mess and a douse of the unexpected is fine by me.

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