Fitness Friday – June Workout Plan

Two Fitness Fridays in one day? I must have the day off or something.

Anyway, as promised in my first post today, I want to share the details of my workout calendar with all of you just in case you’re interested in giving it a try or even just giving some of it a try. I shared the calendar in my other post but for the sake of simplicity here it is again:

I had to use short forms to make the workouts fit into the calendar and while I know what I’m referring o each day, I figured it would be easier to just provide some links. Not only is this handy for any of you looking to join me but it also gives me a one stop shop to pull up the videos I will be doing every day.

FYI: PP = Pop Pilates, FB = Fitness Blender, and FM = Fitness Marshall.

PP Day # – these videos come from Casey Ho, the creator of Blogilates and they can be found here in her beginners calendar.

FB Kickbox HIIT – the kickboxing routine that I’ve gone through many, many times now just had to make its way into this month because I’ve really missed it. It’s a good form of cardio with some killer arms thrown in at the end: check it out here.

FM Warm Up – Pick any three videos from the Fitness Marshall channel and use them to warm up. You can find his videos on his channel here.

FB Pilates – a newer FB video that I haven’t tried yet but my success with the Pop Pilates calendar made me want to check out some more pilates workouts so this one here is going to be an experiment.

FB Flexibility 1, 2, and 3 – making the most of my rest days I decided that while one rest day would be completely workout free, a 20-30 minute break in the other to work on flexibility wouldn’t hurt. So it’s back to that Fitness Blender Flexibility challenge again. Here are the links for day one, day two, and day three.

FM Sweat Set – these change every once in a while but it’s a preset playlist of Fitness Marshall videos that will last between 40 minutes to an hour and you can find them here.

FB Bootcamp – This is another Fitness Blender workout that I have yet to try. I really like lower body workouts but I like them even more when they mix cardio in, this workout here does just that.

Batgirls – I’ve mentioned this one before and I think it’s time to finally build my stamina back up to doing ten of them. I’m going to see if I can make it there this month.

PP Killer Legs – This is one of the videos I really enjoyed from the Pop Pilates beginners calendar and so I decided throwing it in to challenge myself to a burnout round after some harder routines. You can find the video here.

PP Sexy Arms – Before this video I didn’t realize my arms could ache after six minutes. This video is another quick one from the beginners calendar that I’ve tacked on to some days for a challenge.

Weight Lifting – this one is a build your own with whatever weights you want. I do the following circuit 5 times with minimal breaks between each round. On the last round I like to bump the reps up to 15 just to tire the arms out.

  • 12 lateral raises
  • 12 ventral raises
  • 12 rotating bicep / hammer curls
  • 12 tricep extensions

So there it is, all the links you (and I) will need to get through June. Lets do this.

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