Fitness Friday – April Review

As always, I’m kicking off the first Fitness Friday of the month with a little monthly check in just to tell you guys how things have been going. I’ve been pretty proactive this month about assessing my triumphs and failures in both eating and working out in my other posts but I still wanted to check in. Self-reflection is a great tool for me to empower myself on this journey and to stay accountable throughout it all. Change is coming slowly but surely. Things have been far from perfect but I’m still working on it. I haven’t given up and that’s really what matters.

So with all that said, lets take a look back!

Working Out 

I almost met my revised HIIT goal to do the Fitness Blender Kickboxing routine once a week but I missed it on the last week of the month. To be fair, in its place I did the 1000 calorie workout that I talked about in last week’s post so I’m thinking that that is a fair compromise. In not quite accomplishing this goal I have also realized something about myself: picking one workout or even one type of workout to do as a goal really isn’t working for me. Some days I’m just not motivated to do an at home workout and need to go walking instead. From here on out I want to be a little more flexible with my fitness routines. I’m not training intensely for anything at this point so any type of activity will be good enough, even if I’m not gasping for breath at the end of it.

Unfortunately my swimming goal (three times a week) was also not met because of a little breakout I had from all the chorine but I did go enough that I’m happy with it. I only missed two of the days I had meant to swim. I’ve come to accept that it isn’t always about meeting the exact numbers I set at the beginning of the month. Those numbers are helpful but I’m allowing them to be flexible.

With that in mind, my goal this month has to do with walking since it’s been my preferred style of activity lately. I’m enjoying getting out of the apartment and wandering around in the sun so I’m going to keep it up. Who knows, maybe I’ll get up to a light jog some days but I’m making no promises at this point. I’d like to reach 5,000 steps at least three times a week this month. I know it’s not technically a lot but I’m still very much feeling stuck in my apartment so this is just a little push to get me out and about. I have a feeling I’ll walk a lot more than this some days.

My next Fitness Friday post is going to actually be about some of the walking I did last week so keep tuned for that, you’ll get to see some excellent pictures from the graffiti mural near my house (here’s a sneak peak).

Healthy Eating

Aside from Easter weekend, I absolutely killed my goals surrounding eating this month. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is that I went 12 days without any sort of chocolate or sugary treat, even though I had easter chocolate stocked up in the cupboard. I even turned down a cream egg after Matt offered one. For some people, this is nothing, but for me it is huge. I would say I like chocolate a little more than the average person and it is definitely a weakness of mine. Going almost two full weeks without it was a real accomplishment for me. Of course, when the day came when I could have chocolate again I was very happy. Just a piece of the Lindt bunny my mom got me for Easter was more than enough.

May is starting off to a shaky start with my early Mother’s day outing earlier this week and my dad’s birthday getaway this weekend. I also have a number of shows to go to and dates that are already planned out which will probably involve some non-healthy choices. Still, knowing all this sets me up to do well because I’m going to work extra hard to be healthy on the days when I’m not doing something special. That’s why this month’s goal is to only indulge on days I already have plans made, and just to remain accountable I’m listing them out below.

  • May 1st – 2nd – Mom’s visit
  • May 5th – 7th: Family trip to Buffalo/Niagara
  • May 9th: Strictly Ballroom with mom and Keeragh
  • May 10th: Dinner with Matt & Kate
  • May 13th: Girl’s day (tentative)
  • May 20th: Riverdance
  • May 27th: Pub Quiz
  • May 28th: Doors Open Toronto

I realize this is more than what I’d usually do for cheat meals in a month but by striving to make these special days my “bad” days I’m also trying to teach myself a lesson about saving treats for special occasions and not just going for them because I’m bored/sad/mad/whatever. Besides, I may opt for healthier choices on some of these days just because I’m in the mood for it. We’ll see how it goes.

Living Better

So if you recall, my challenge this month was to enact some more self-care practices into my day to day. To be quite honest, I didn’t find this challenge did too much to help me mostly because I wasn’t going out of my way to make time for a self-care practice I just happened to be doing something I already consider as self-care like calling my mom or going out with my friends. I still tracked these activities but unfortunately I’m not sure it really improved my mood that much. I think I’ll have to tackle this one in a different way going forward.

As you can see above, my May is already shaping out to be pretty busy. Those days out involve some travel and they don’t include all the training and meetings I have for my volunteering. I think this busyness will be good for me and I really want to embrace it. Two weekends in a row in March I didn’t leave my house aside from a short walk and a trip to the grocery store. It was something that I think kind of put me in a funk so my goal this month is to get out of the house a little more. I want to have left my apartment a minimum of four times a week for at least an hour. Some days this will involve actually going somewhere to do something and other days it might just involve going to sit on the sun deck or just walking around the neighbourhood. No matter what I don’t want myself to be so shut in. It’s a beautiful world out there, I may as well see more of it.

I hope April treated you well with a little Easter chocolate and a bit of motivation. The sun seems to be coming out more which is always good for the mind but don’t forget, dancing in the rain can be just as fun as soaking in the sun.


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