Creating Your Own Silver Lining

This one is coming a day late because I couldn’t ruin a surprise (blame my mom for reading my blog on the daily) but lets get to the regular random Sunday post… this time on a Monday.

So I will admit, despite the positive themes and uplifting tones I try to put into my posts, I overall have always considered myself a pessimist. I never thought of it as a terribly bad thing, it’s just that my overall outlook on life has never been entirely positive.

Of course, being pessimistic all the time can be quite detrimental for one’s mental health and therefore I actually do put more effort in remaining a little more optimistic than I used to. This blog has been one of the things that helps lift my spirit and empowers me to be more positive. Reading posts from others and creating my own content has definitely help me shift the way I view the world. It doesn’t work all the time but then again, I don’t imagine it works that way for true optimists either.

There are certainly moments when I triumph, where I make the best out of a bad situation. As the title of this post suggests: I create my own silver linings in the big grey storm clouds that linger overhead.

This weekend, that’s exactly why I did.

I should preface this by explaining what had brought about the grey cloud in the first place: this weekend I was supposed to be in Disney World with my parents and some of my extended family. Not only did Matt and I have to cancel our trip but due to medical reasons my parents had to cancel theirs as well. Needless to say we’re all pretty bummed out about it. Saturday morning rolled around and my mom mom felt like she should be packing to catch her flight while I felt like I was supposed to walking through the gates of the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, we were stuck at home.

I suppose much of the weekend was spent moping around a little bit, looking at all the beautiful Dapper Day outfits I was supposed to be amongst, thinking about dinner reservations at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ that were cancelled, and the fact that we were not back in our favourite place. After sulking a bit I decided something had to be done about it. I couldn’t be where I wanted to be but that didn’t mean I couldn’t be happy.

Knowing my mom was coming down on Monday, I added a few special items to my Sunday grocery list to help make up for what we’re missing out on. I suppose it’s a bit of an early Mother’s Day gift in a way but in general it’s more of a I’m sorry we aren’t in Disney World gift overall.

Mom and I have always wanted to do the afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian resort so instead I picked up some biscuits and marmalade to go along with the many types of tea I have in my cupboard. I bought popcorn (regular and Chicago mix) and Rice Krispy treats because they are amongst mom’s favourite WDW snacks and of course the popcorn is a throwback to my brief stint working on the carts in Magic Kingdom.

Frozen party plates, some fake flowers with a princess balloon, and some cutesy little cups to hold the rest of our snack food tied the gift together. I also bought Pogos to sub in for the corn dog nuggets at Casey’s Corner, and a salad mix in order to make the Colony Salad from Liberty Tree Tavern. It’s a far cry from being in the Magic Kingdom but at least it’s something.

I suppose this post is meant to serve as a reminder: you can’t always make a bad situation go away but sometimes you can make it a little bit better, especially with good company.

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