Tasty Tuesday – Coming Back From the Easter Disaster of 2017

When I started planning for this week’s blog posts I had initially intended on just sharing the recipe for the Carrot Cake Trifle I made this weekend for Easter lunch at my parents because it was delicious but after some reflection I’ve decided to just show it off and point you towards a similar recipe while we focus on something different.

As you can probably venture a guess from the title of this post, Easter didn’t go too well for me. I mean, I had a good time spending a couple days at home with friends and family but I kind of got out of control with what I was eating. Once again, over-indulging was a real problem. I had not one but four bad days and I have almost immediately felt the consequences: my face is covered in breakouts, my stomach is aching, and overall I’m not feeling very good about myself.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to whine about it: I’m here to do something.

Before leaving my hometown, my mom and I made a pact that we were going to be good for the next two weeks so we could indulge a bit on her week off in May. I have decided to take it one week at a time and so I’m focusing on this first week in order to put myself right back on track. I’ve decided to go a little hard since I really want to push myself after my disastrous four day weekend.

I picked the following quote for my journal and then I went about coming up with the rules below:

“Be the girl who decided to go for it”

  1. No chocolate / treats – I ate more than enough on Saturday and Sunday and so now my Easter gifts are stored away out of reach. I have no doubt that all that chocolate and sugar caused the plethora of breakouts on my face so stepping back from it again will hopefully clear up my skin.
  2. Increase water intake – I struggled with this at home, mainly because I didn’t bring one of my water bottles with me and therefore I wasn’t tracking things properly. Instead of striving for my normal 3 bottles (2.25 litres) I decided to aim for 4 full bottles (3 litres) a day in hopes to help flush my system of all the crap I ate.
  3. Stick to meal plan – not planning ahead was where I went really wrong this weekend. It wasn’t entirely my fault since I didn’t know what was going on in terms of meals until they were just about to happen but I could have prepared better. This week I’ve drafted out all my meals and calculated the calories I have leftover for healthy snacks in order to remain on track.
  4. Write everything down – this goes along with my meal plan and it is the way I will remain accountable. Sometimes I don’t track everything but this week I will write every last bit of food I put into my body down on my meal plan that way I can see if and where I’m struggling.
  5. No eating out – I do not regret the cheese stuffed cheese sticks that we ordered Thursday night but I could have went without a lot of the other food I shovelled into my mouth this weekend. Since I ate out twice last week, in addition to having a snack from KFC and popcorn and junk at the movies, I figured I can make it the week without going out. All those wonderful restaurants will still be there next week.

I know this may seem a little extreme, especially for me who is all about treats and enjoying myself but it’s just a challenge for the week. It’s not like I’m swearing off chocolate or eating out for good, I’m just using this tough week to motivate myself once more, and to stop myself from giving up altogether. Besides, just because I’m eating healthy doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying my meals. Yesterday’s finger foods dinner was particularly delicious.

Monday went well and I obeyed all five of my rules. I went a little over my regular calorie count but I also put in one hell of a workout in the morning and my energy needed boosting. Overall, increasing my water intake definitely helped make me feel better and it stopped me from feeling so hungry. Now I’ve just got to push forward into the week. I’m tackling my workouts in the same organized way so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll let you know on Friday.

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