My Slim Down Reward

While reevaluating my fitness performance this week, I have begun to think abut things outside of myself that might motivate me once more. I know I need to get back to where I really want this more than anything but to get there I think I need to take small steps, using those outside forces to drag me back. I looked over my past Fitness Friday post on what motivates me and I decided to focus on my point about cute clothing.

Now, I already have a piece of clothing that is my first goal to get back into. The pale pink dress I wore to my university graduation is something I just fit into when I bought it. The waist is pretty small, even for a size 14, and I remember sitting at the ceremony eager for the moment I would be zipped out of the thing. Still, I love that dress and I’m desperate to get to wear it again. I’ve almost gotten to the point where it will zip up once more but it’s definitely still uncomfortable and the light fabric is not flattering when you’re bulged in there. I’m on my way though, and I’m hoping in the next month or two I’ll be sporting it around town with my favourite pair of oxfords.

While the pink dress is a good first goal, it’s not really long term. It’s something I hope will push me to the next step on my journey but it definitely won’t be the end. I’ve never really been thin or even average, not since I was a child, so I don’t have any articles of clothing that I can really use as a success piece. With all this in mind, I knew I had to look outside of my closet to find clothing motivation and over the past few days I have made my decision.

I recently have begun to get very interested in the pin-up style community by seeing a friend I met during my brief employment at Walt Disney World get into it herself. She and her friends have the most gorgeous collections of pin-up clothing and I have major closet envy. You can check out her blog here if you’re interested; I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. She’s on a hiatus right now but you can always scroll through her old posts.

This initial look into the pin-up world sent me looking for other bloggers and the community at large. While I’m still struggling to find my starting place, I know this style of fashion is something I’d like to get into. I’ve always been interested in vintage clothing and a lot of the styles are similar to what I already like to wear. This brings me to the article of clothing I’ve decided is going to be the reward for my big slim down. It’s a custom made skirt by a lovely designer who goes by Vintage Inspired by Jackie.

Jackie creates the most beautiful vintage inspired skirts and dresses that I’ve ever seen. Much of her products are Disney inspired which is one of the things that really drew me into her stuff. I’ve seen her dresses on all shapes and sizes now and they always look gorgeous. I could very well order one right this instant and I’m sure I’d feel like heaven in it but I’ve decided I want to save this one for my big accomplishment.

I found Jackie through Lady Damfino, one of the vintage fashion bloggers I found along my travels. If you’re into Disney you’ve got to check her out because her vintage Disney creations are some of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen. She also looks stunning in Jackie’s dresses as you can see below.

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To make matters even more exciting, Jackie just teamed up with Brian Rechenmacher, an artist I stumbled on last week due to his Disney collections. His Walt’s In The Park set is on my bucket list as it’s quite possible one of the cutest artworks with Walt I’ve ever seen.

Now, one of Brian’s custom fabric designs is now going to be on Jackie’s skirts and dresses, and of course it features one of my all time favourite Disney rides: The Haunted Mansion. This was a match that was just made for me.

I’m hopeful that this fabric will still be available by the time I’m ready to buy my first skirt but if not I’m sure there will be something in her store that catches my eye. Honestly, right now I kind of want them all.

The hard part was deciding how I would know it was time to buy the skirt. I’m still not weighing myself and with my muscle gains I’m not sure it would be the best reflection of the changes in my body. I’m reluctant to use when I’m happy with how I look because it’s so subjective and I’m honestly hoping to get there well before I reach any final goal since it’s more of a self-confidence thing than a body fat thing. I’ve decided to go with a measure that isn’t the greatest but will give me a certain goal to work towards: clothing size.

Before you jump on me about this, let me tell you that I’m going into this with the knowledge that women’s clothing sizes are completely bogus and not based on any sort of standard. I have jeans from Old Navy where the 16 fits but the 18 is too tight. I know it is flawed but it’s the only concrete thing I have to work with so I have decided that my goal post is to be able to zip up and feel comfortable in a size 10 in Tommy Hilfiger pants. I picked Tommy because I have three different pairs of pants that are all a size 14 that fit me about the same (aka a little too tightly).

On another note, I’ve never been a size 10 and I’m not sure what that will look like on me, whether it’ll be enough or if I’ll still be on the bigger size given my weight distribution and my height. There may still be more progress to go from there but for me it’s about seeing a size that I never have before so that’s why I picked it.

What kind of rewards have you set up for yourself now or in the past? Do you find they helped motivate you on the difficult days? As always, I love reading your stories and taking in your advice so even if this is your first time reading, don’t be shy!

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  1. Pink dress is adorable!! You’ll be rockin it in no time, and I LOVE the pin-up clothing so, so much!! Just don’t have any form of income to support my love of it all haha!! I have a pair of “boho chic” shorts I bought at Target last year as my goal shorts. Bought them without trying them on, because I had others similar, in the same size, so they were a shoe in… I was wrong and devastated. I squeezed into them and had the world’s most painful muffin top!!
    I can now less painfully fit into them, but still don’t quite look how I want to in them. Soon enough.. We’ve got this!!👌💪

    1. Sizing is so tricky. I dream of being able to not try things on to be honest but I always end up in the same situation: things end up not fitting how I thought. A little hard work and you’ll be rocking those shorts though! Thanks for reading!

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