Fitness Friday – March Review

How are we already three months into 2017? I feel like the year just started. There’s just been so much going on this year (good, bad, and worse) and it’s done some weird things with how I’m processing time. Some weeks speed by, others drag on and on, still, I can hardly believe it’s now April. Of course, if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know what that means: it’s time for a monthly review.

Before I jump into this one, I will say one thing: it wasn’t a great month for me overall. This review is really going to focus on the things I need to work on to make next month better since there were not as many triumphs to celebrate as I would have liked. I had a really good start to the year but I clearly hit a bit of a speed bump. That’s okay, as long as I don’t let myself get stuck there. This review is going to be my proactive start to making April better.

Working Out

Lets start with the positive! I had some unique accomplishments this month: I got back on a treadmill and proved to myself I could still run at a decent pace, I got to try out some strength machines for the first time in over a year and I’m proud to say I can still lift pretty heavy, and I pushed through some pretty exhausting HIIT workouts including this quick but challenging one from Fitness Blender:

While those accomplishments are definitely still meaningful they were also short lived. I didn’t manage to get through two HIIT workouts a week as I had planned to do and there were actually two weeks in a row where I did not hit my 5 workouts a week in general. I’m disappointed in myself for not pushing through but since I already beat myself up about it there’s really no point doing it again. Time to move forward!

I used last week to recuperate by taking long walks instead of doing heavy workouts. This past week I’ve done a mix to try and get myself back into the groove. What is nice is the gym and the pool in my building are finally open so I have some new fitness options ready for me. I think swimming is going to be good for both my mental and physical health so I’m challenging myself to get to the pool 3 times a week. I’ve been swimming laps, treading water, and trying out some water aerobic moves so this can count as both cardio and strength training. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to give my HIIT goal a try again. I was really looking forward to challenging myself with HIIT last month and I am disappointed I didn’t go through with it but that’s no reason to totally give up. Try, try again, try harder. That’s what I’m going to do.

Healthy Eating

Oh boy, where do I begin. A trip home to hang out with my parents, see family who were visiting from out of province, and just get a change of scenery turned into a real disaster for me diet wise. I’ve already talked in some of my previous posts about how I got a little off track and unfortunately it wasn’t just for the five days I was ‘up north’. There were definitely a few too many cheat days this month, not just meals but days. That was something I was trying to cut out of my life but this past month I faltered. It’s okay to indulge but I really don’t need to do so all day. I have to remember this.

With that in mind, my goal this month is to stick to my cheat meal / cheat treat goal: once per week and never more than just one meal. I’m also going to try to focus back in on my meal prepping this month. I have the time to do it and it does actually save us a lot of money so it only makes sense to make sure there are enough meals to go around. This, plus some more intense meal tracking in my bullet journal should help me push through.

As a complete side note, my water intake is still good, if anything it’s up. Matt brought home new 750ml water bottles from work and I’m finding I drink a lot more just because of the straw. It’s funny how the little things make a difference.

Living Better

So my actual challenge this month was to get back into reading. I did alright but I didn’t accomplish the goal I set to read four books. I did actually pick up four different books and began reading them but I only finished two. Both of these books were a decent size (~400 pages) so I don’t feel incredibly unaccomplished. I think as long as I keep reading I’ll be happy, I’m well on my way to reading 30 books this year like I promised for my GoodReads challenge. This is a big step up from last year where I read maybe 5 books total.

On a much deeper level, this month was not a success when it came to self-care. It wasn’t all bad but there were a couple days when I found myself in a rough state. My unhealthy eating, lack of motivation, and the overall stagnation of my progress really took a tole on me. It wasn’t just about weight loss or health either, it was just life weighing down on me. My mom coming here for an adventure (which you can check out here) was a good way to get back on my feet, now I’ve just got to stay there.

Mental wellness for me involves being overly proactive. I have to kind of plan ahead for my bad days so they aren’t so bad. There’s a couple things I’m going to be doing this month (aside from enjoying our pool) that I’m hoping will help with that: I’m doing some volunteering, I’m planning some outings and date nights, and I’m going to try and be more open about what I’m feeling, whether that means talking to someone or just writing about it here. This journey is about so much more than losing weight and looking good, it’s about loving myself inside and out.

To make this a little more tangible I’m going to mimic what I did in February with my selfie challenge and do a self-care challenge. Every day I’ll do something for self-care whether it’s just taking some time to read or going for a walk. I imagine the activities will really range but that’s kind of the point. The more ways I can look after myself and my mental health, the better off I’ll be. Of course, long warm baths are a fallback for me and so I’ve already treated myself to my first LUSH bath bomb (I might’ve had a little too much fun with the glitter).

So that’s March for you; not the best month but I think my new goals are pretty good and I’m ready to move forward. I’ve recognized the bad which is always the first step, now it’s time to deal with it. How was this month for you? Any big accomplishments? Feel free to share in the comments below! As always, drop me a link to any content you think I’d find interesting. Your stories are pushing me forward and you are all inspiring me every day!

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