Mother Daughter Adventures – Volume One

I’m calling this volume one because adventures are sort of a thing my mom and I have been doing my whole life and so it’s bound to continue. It’s not always just the two of us anymore but this past week we had two days where it was just her and I. As much as I love the rest of my crew, this was some regrouping time that the two of us really needed as our lives have been kind of up and down lately.

The first thing we did was head to see the musical version of The Bodyguard at the Ed Mirvish theatre. I hadn’t actually watched the original 1992 movie before going but I had a general idea of the plot. The script was a little campy and some of the acting felt awkward but the music and the performances made up for that in my mind. Was it the best show I’ve ever seen? Of course not. Would I see it again? If someone wanted to go, sure! Well… if I can get over my fear of the stalker. Matthew Stathers has an absolute eerie brilliance that had me shaking in my seat with anxiety. I was legitimately frightened, and at one pivotal point I jumped out of my skin. I’m not really into horror movies in general but each of Stathers’ scenes made me feel like I was watching one unfold live.

We went home from The Bodyguard and our late night adventure with sore feet and no real plan for the next day. We knew of some things going on in the city but it wasn’t until the next morning that we figured out one of the things we were going to do. And that brings us to The One of a Kind Show!

The One of a Kind Show happens twice a year in Toronto and features handmade artisans from around the country. There’s food, fashion, and a whole bunch of really unique items on sale for purchase. The vendors sell everything from pickles to bath bombs, handbags to paintings. Mostly we just looked around, tried the free samples of food, and appreciated the creativity that these vendors had to offer. Before we left we did pick up a couple items but I’ll talk about that a little later in this post.

We spent a couple hours at the show but you can really only window shop so much before it is time to move on. We didn’t like any of the lunch options there (why does everywhere have to have Pizza Pizza, it’s horrible!) so we headed out with a plan to walk a while and find somewhere to have a late lunch. After much debate we decided to head up to Queen street and see what we could find.

It was a nice day out so the long walk wasn’t a problem. Plus, we’ve never done more than driven around that area so it was kind of fun to check out some of the different sights. If only the wind hadn’t been so harsh.

We ended up checking out a couple of thrift shops and furniture stores before we took a venture down Graffiti Alley. Well, first we almost ended up down a random alley that happened to have graffiti before we found the real thing. I’ve only ever heard of it, never actually been there so we decided to take a stroll through. It was a little sketchier than I expected (not as sketchy as the imposter alley we found first) but the wall to wall graffiti is definitely impressive. From there it was time to finally find some food.

As we walked down Queen street I knew were were getting close to Junked Food Co. which has been featured in BlogTO lately because of their cookie dough scoops. Cookie dough desserts in NYC went viral a little while ago and now Junked Food Co. is capitalizing on that success. They have a couple different flavours that come in a cup or a waffle cone. We went with the Butterscotch Macchiato which was butterscotch cookie dough with butterscotch chips, whipped cream, and expresso beans. The flavour of the dessert was good but it became too sweet for my taste (this is a rare thing). I was glad mom and I just shared one because by the end of it I was sick of that sugary taste in my mouth. It’s pretty alright but I think I prefer just snacking on regular old cookie dough while I’m baking.

After our pre-dinner dessert we headed up to Kensington Market to try Seven Lives, a local taco joint that I’ve heard people rave about for months. I’ve actually tried to go to Seven Lives before but I got the original one mixed up with their sister restaurant which serves ceviche instead of tacos and unfortunately I was not a fan. Turns out, the ceviche restaurant is just down the street (literally 20-30 steps) which is why I mixed them up in the first place.

I’m pleased to say that the actual tacos at Seven Lives were everything I hoped they would be. My mom and I shared a Baja Fish taco and the Camarones a la Diabla (spicy shrimp with cheese). Both of these were phenomenal although they were a little hard to eat because they’re so messy (the bar top dining area is also a little too tall for me and my mom so that didn’t help). We both liked the shrimp a little better because of the spicy sauce on it but the fried Baja fish was delicious too. And for $6 a taco you can’t really go wrong! This is somewhere I’ll definitely be going back to.

Finally it was time to head home, rest our feet, and carry on. We made one last stop at the Toronto Popcorn Company before we actually got on the subway to head back to my place where we took stock of the goods we managed to pick up throughout the day.

At the One of a Kind show we picked up mini bath bombs from Carberry Soap Company, Saucy Sangria Jelly from Tracy’s Wine Jellies, and Lemon Squares from The Lemon Square. The jelly and the squares were a success but the bath bombs were a bit of a let down. We had to use all three to really make it worth it for a foot soak in my bathtub and then the blue one left a colour residue that we had to immediately scrub off. It’s unfortunate because they were a lot cheaper than the bath bombs offered at LUSH but I guess it cost us some quality this time around.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our little adventure. I know it wasn’t the healthiest day to follow but after 17,000 steps I think we earned those calories. I always recommend checking out new parts of your area that you’ve never been to before, you don’t know what you might find. Just make sure you’re going down the right alleyways.

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