Fitness Friday – So I Went to the Gym

But Casandra, you don’t have a gym membership and you said you weren’t getting one! Isn’t the gym in your building opening soon? What happened to just doing workout videos from home? I know, I know, but before we jump ahead, I should say that I didn’t join a gym, I just went to one. My mom has a membership at Planet Fitness and since I went home for a couple days I decided to join her as a guest. A couple eye opening things about my journey came about because of this venture so I decided I may as well share them with you.

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, my last big weight loss journey involved joining a gym for the first time ever and I stuck with it for almost ten months so this is hardly a new experience for me. I wasn’t nervous about going into the gym aside from wondering whether or not I would be able to navigate the machines just as well as before. In all honesty, this was just a way to hang out with my mom while still making sure I got my workouts in for the week but in the process I learnt a couple things:

#1. I can still run without dying! The first thing we did was get on the treadmill. I haven’t been on one since this time last year so I started off slow, walking at a brisk pace and just chit chatting. After getting warmed up I decided to test myself. I upped the speed until I had to jog to keep up. I managed to make it through two minutes straight on 4.5 before I went back to speed walking at 3. I gave myself a few more minutes and tried it again. Still didn’t die. The next day when we went back I did four minutes on 5.0 followed by a lofty one minute run on 5.5. I starting hacking up a lung a little bit (still not fully well) but I made it. This might not seem like long for those of you who jog for fitness but to me it’s a big deal. I still remember the day I did 10 minutes straight running on the treadmill, it was a huge accomplishment for the girl who couldn’t do track and field day without feeling like she was going to die.

#2. I’m still strong! The only real reason I miss the gym is because of all the strength machines. I know I can get a good strength workout in with body weight but for me the machines really made me feel strong. I was determined to get an upper body workout in since I would finally have access to more than four pound weights so that was where my focus was the first day. I was surprised to find I can still move a lot of weight albeit being out of practice. I struggled the most with triceps but biceps, shoulders, and chest were fine. A laughable moment was trying to move the weight my dad (he’s an ex-football player) moves on a chest row (170 pounds): I managed to move the weight once but they had to drop it by over 100 pounds. He’s crazy.

#3. I’m under 200 pounds! Right in the change room there is one of those dreaded medical office scales and while I’ve made the pact not to track my weight (you can read why here) I decided to get on it just to see where we’re at. Neither mom nor I are any good at really using them but I’m somewhere around 195 pounds. It’s definitely not a weight I’m proud to be sharing but I know it means I’ve shed some major pounds in the last three months which is nice to learn.

Bonus: My mom is amazing. When I went to the gym last year there was no talking my mom into coming, even though I thought it would be good for her. This time she didn’t have me around and she signed herself up. I’ve been impressed to hear she’s been going so much and to see her there myself was awesome, even if I think she likes the funky water massage loungers more than the actual gym part.

Are you keeping up with your workouts? I’ve been struggling a little bit but I love to read what you guys are all up to, it keeps me motivated to keep going. Post a link in the comment if you like and I’ll be sure to give you a read!

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    1. It was actually nice to give running a go and the fitness room in my building should have a treadmill so I’m hoping to keep it up. Thanks for your continued support, it means a lot!

  1. Awesome post! I FINALLY went back to the gym for the first time since starting my full-time job a few months ago. And I was DYING on the elliptical but I felt so much better after because I finally pushed myself to go back. I’ve definitely lost my stamina but I’m working on building it back up. Thanks for sharing your fitness journey! x

    Valerie //

    1. Getting back into the gym is definitely difficult. The gym in our building just opened up and I’m excited but intimidated. Building back up your stamina always feels so good though! Thanks for reading! x

      1. It’s always intimidating going to the gym but once you’re done with your workout, it’s the best feeling ever! I’m still trying to figure out how to balance gym with a full-time job, chores, and social life.

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