Tasty Tuesday – Bareburger

So I didn’t want to taint the message of my International Women’s Day March post with talks of food so I left the day’s lunch out of the post but now I absolutely have to share another new restaurant experience with you guys. So this week’s Tasty Tuesday is another restaurant review and this time I’m talking about Bareburger.

(Credit: bareburger.com)

I will warn you all right now, this definitely isn’t a healthy food post so if you’re shying away from being triggered into binge eating or anything else I totally understand you ditching this post before you get to the goods. I promise I’ll be back with another healthy recipe next week!

Anyway, Bareburger is another one of those speciality burger joints that try to shy away from your regular beef patty with a slice of processed cheese and some ketchup. They apparently have 44 locations in 5 different countries and one of them just happens to be right downtown Toronto on Dundas street. We checked the menu before heading downtown and after reading some unique burger names like “Falafelwraptor” and the “Wiki Wiki” (neither of which we actually ordered) we decided to check it out.

It was barely a five minute walk from the subway station but the wind was bitter so the moment we got inside and were seated by the window Keeragh and I both opted for hot beverages. I haven’t really drank coffee since high school (early addiction) so I ordered a hot chocolate and it came in this cute little yellow campfire mug which seemed suiting for the kind of rustic vibe the place gave off.

After some deliberation, Keeragh ordered the “Fire Quacker” which is a duck burger topped with pepper jack, pickled jalapeños, red onions, spinach, tomatoes, and habanero mayo on a brioche bun. It was actually the item on the menu that drew me into Bareburger to begin with but after seeing a piece of fried chicken on a nearby table I decided to check out one of their sandwiches instead. I ordered the “Pickle Fried Chicken” which was a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich on a brioche bun with sweet pickles, green leaf, and horseradish remoulade. Then, since the slightly pricey burgers and sandwiches don’t come with sides and it was about $4-5 dollars each to add a side order we decided to just get the share place of rings and fries which came with four unique and equally delicious dipping sauces.

The chicken and the duck were both cooked perfectly, the brioche buns were a nice touch, and I still can’t get over the onion rings. It’s a lot of batter but they don’t seem heavy at all. The sauces were a nice touch (I’m a sucker for dipping sauces) and even the fries were nicely salted, golden on the outside, and nice and soft on the inside.

The basket of rings and fries itself was about my normal daily intake of calories plus the sandwich which was just under half my intake so this place was definitely a cheat. But you could probably be a bit more mindful at this place if you ordered a small salad (crops/greens as they call them) or ditched the sides and perhaps at least half the bun off your burger. Overall though, this isn’t about to become one of my healthy eating out options.

As far as speciality burgers go I enjoyed this place more than I do The Works and Kenzington Burger Bar. There was a bit more flavour in the meat and the toppings were more unique without just being plain whacky (like the Reese’s Peanut Butter burgers The Works boasts from time to time). You do have the option of building your own burger and there is also a weekend brunch menu that I’d like to go back and check out. We’re pretty sure the girl next to us had their fried chicken on french toast and it looked spectacular (still not diet friendly, I know).

Bareburger also has a social side to it that other fancy burger joints don’t seem to have: they boast organic and clean food that is sourced as locally close as possible. You can taste the quality in their ingredients and that is definitely something I like. If I’m going to try bison or elk, I want to actually be eating 100% bison or elk.

So now it’s back to more healthy eating. My sandwich and those onion rings definitely felt justified after the 10,000+ steps we took during the march but since I’m not likely to be making that march every day it’s time to hunker down again and save my next cheat for popcorn at the movies.

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