Fitness Friday – February Review

So I really enjoyed writing my reflection on last month (which you can read here) and I found it helped push me forward a bit so here I am back with another month in review. This is something I’ve been doing in my bullet journal every month but I think I’ll start to feature it on the blog as well just for the sake of sharing. Here we go!

Working Out

Another month of 5 workouts a week conquered! Though, I will tell you all that this one really tried to stop me from accomplishing that with a bout of sickness and an uncooperative hamstring. I managed to muddle through, even though there were days where I didn’t really have it in me to give it my all. I’m happy I haven’t jumped off the workout train, I think first and foremost that is the most important part of it all. Now I just need to work a little harder.

Last month I said I wanted to work more on my flexibility and guess what I did this month? Not work on my flexibility. I’m a little disappointed because I really meant to throw in 20-30 minutes of stretching on my rest days and I just never got to it. I think this month what I’ll do it do freeform stretching instead of following a video. I know enough variable stretches now to guide myself through it and that will minimize the distraction from my tv binges so I’ll be more likely to do it.

I am also challenging myself to push a little harder in my workouts. I have found that sometimes I pick Fitness Blender videos that don’t push me as hard as I need because I’m kind of somewhere between the level 2 and level 3 fitness videos. I’ve decided for March I need to be pushing harder so I’ve begun to introduce HIIT into my weekly workouts. I’m going to talk more about this next Friday so stay tuned for that!

Health Eating

Overall, I stuck with the plan of eating better and my water intake remained where it should be, though some days I really had to force that last half of a litre. I did my best to keep more fresh fruit in my house which made my snacking healthier for sure. In venturing into new territory I have found out I don’t like papaya and red lentils are tricky to cook. I did manage to make a simple lentil soup that I really enjoyed and will be venturing into again. These little guys may be high in calories and in carbs but they’re very filling and they’re also a good source of protein.

Once again, there were a few more cheat days than planned here. I am proud of myself for ordering salad or sticking to a healthier option when going out sometimes. I’m also proud of the self control I’ve had with popcorn at the movies. When we went to Newsies I had a couple handfuls out of the top of the bag and then handed it off to Matt. Having a bottomless pit for a boyfriend can be helpful sometimes, even if it does awful things to my grocery budget.

In the middle of the month I was a little sick so somehow a tub of mint chocolate swirl ended up in our freezer. I did my best to not just eat from the container and constantly portioned out small half cup sizes that fit in with my plan for the day. It wasn’t the healthiest choice but it made my throat feel better and I’m proud of the control I had over it. I think this is definitely a big lesson I’m working into: treats can happen more often if you don’t overindulge and you plan for them. I certainly learnt this on our girl’s Valentine’s Day evening where I figured out if I had just kept my hands out of the donut box (good luck with that), I would have been within my calories for the day even after eating breadsticks and pizza. Oh well, it was worth it.

Living better

My selfie challenge for February was the main component to make sure I was living healthier mentally as well as physically. The plan was to take a selfie every day and to write at least one positive thing down about that selfie. Well, I forgot to take a picture on the last day but other than that I have 27 selfies in all various styles of hair, make-up, and no effort at all that don’t make me completely cringe. Notably, I started sharing selfies again on my social media instead of just taking pictures of my food which is evidence of the positive change this created. “Real life Betty Cooper” and “Those legs!” are two comments that make me smile but there is one that definitely sticks out.

“You look genuinely happy.”

I won’t be continuing with the selfie challenge this month because I think it accomplished what I wanted it to. I’m back to sharing images of myself and not feeling so down on my looks. My face is slimming out again which definitely helps but I think this experience has just helped me become more confident overall.

(Some of my favourites from the month)

This wasn’t a perfectly healthy month for me mentally. I’ve struggled with some doubts about my future career and my capabilities to pursue it. I continue to feel weighed down about the fact that I’ll never wear a badge but I’m pushing through it. This past Wednesday I was amongst a select group of people chosen to interview for Crisis Counselling with Victim Services Toronto and sitting inside the Police Headquarters reminded me that sometimes you just have to take another path to get what you wanted.

Now it’s on to March, I hope to remain positive and happy, even if there are some ups and downs. This month I’m challenging myself to get back to reading for pleasure, I killed it in January with nine books read but I only finished one book in February. So finishing four books for the month is the goal and I’m hoping to smash it!

How was your February? Did you accomplish what you were working on? What did you struggle with? What are you hoping to change in March? Please feel free to share your thoughts, and as always link me to any posts you think I’d like to check out!

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