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As part of this journey I have given up much of my eating out but like I’ve said in past posts, I refuse to stop eating out completely, especially now that I live in the city and there are so many new places to try. This year I’ve been trying not to repeat restaurants just so I can get a taste of something new but there have been a few circumstances where convenience (especially on a busy Saturday night) has driven us to old haunts. This past Saturday was one of those.

Matt, my mom and I went out Saturday afternoon with the plan to check out the Bloor-Yorkville Icefest, have dinner, and then see the cinema screening of Newsies on Broadway. Icefest was poorly set up and overcrowded unfortunately so we kind of just moved through the street without getting a closer look at everything. Our misadventure in Yorkville did lead us to the most beautiful Indigo store on Bay street which I will definitely be going back to browse in someday.

Anyway, after some strolling around we headed for dinner but finding the pub a little too crowded (and the hostess a little short with us) we decided to head up the street to Paramount Fine Foods.

I first tried Paramount at the beginning of the year when my lovely friend Keeragh met me for lunch at the Yorkdale Mall location. Service was a bit of a mess that day as the staff struggled to keep up with the takeout side of the restaurant and the sit down but we had the time and the food was still delicious. A few weeks later I took mom to the Yonge and Dundas location, we had much better service (plus the atmosphere is really cool since it’s two floors) and once again the food was amazing.

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Believe it or not, this is a meal out that is actually calorie friendly and has fit into my meal plan every time I’ve had it. I’ve had something different off of the menu each time and left feeling satisfied and well fed.

The first time I tried Paramount I had their lamb wrap. The lamb was delicious but it was the hummus and pickled turnips that really brought out the best flavours. At 640 calories it’s a little more than I would normally eat for just a wrap but I ate smart the rest of the day and it fit in just fine.

The second time around mom and I shared the kafta wrap and the fattoush salad with shrimp skewers. Between the two of us this meal was about 580 calories each, a bit lower than just getting the lamb wrap and definitely more filling because of the salad. The salad was actually the highlight. It had bits of fried pita pieces and chopped peppers that added a crunch. I’ve never been very good at just eating a salad as my meal but lately I’ve been finding places that offer salads with enough good toppings that I actually enjoy them.

Since there were three of us in our latest venture to Paramount we decided to just share the half portion of one of their family platters. What I liked about the platter is that you get to try a lot of different bits from their menu without ordering a bunch of different dishes. It starts off with their hummus which is honestly the best hummus I’ve ever tasted (it even tops the one served in the Moroccan pavilion at Epcot). The mixed platter itself has some of their shawarma meats, meat skewers, falafels, and a few other items which are all served on more bread with the wrap fillings on the side. The only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was the side of fries but the other option was white rice and I’m really not a rice fan. I mean, I enjoyed eating the fries but they seemed out of place in the meal.

This meal came to a bit of a higher calorie count at 750 calories per person (maybe a bit more with the bread as well) but I did have a cheat that lowered my calorie intake for sure and that’s Matt. 750 calories per person comes with splitting it evenly three ways but in reality mom and I probably ate one fourth of the meal each and left Matt the other half. I’d say it was roughly 600-650 calories for each of us which is really good for all that food in comparison to just eating one lamb wrap.

They do bring free bread to the table beforehand which are just warm pillows of yumminess but I’ve been careful with how much of it I ate. I think if I was being really strict about calories I would just ask them not to bring it but in this case we ate it with the hummus.

After the meal, my tummy was full and then it was off to Newsies (where I admittedly had some popcorn and my first diet coke in many weeks). The show was amazing and it was so fun getting to see Jeremy Jordan in the role after watching him every week on Supergirl. To boot, I wasn’t the only one in the theatre wearing a newsboy hat.

I find that finding places you can eat out at without feeling too guilty is key when eating healthy. It gives you a break from cooking and allows you to gain a little enjoyment from eating out without cheating too much. I’m sure I’ll be venturing back to Paramount sometime soon, especially with one just up the road from us. It is a franchise but I personally think it’s very high quality food for a ‘chain restaurant’.

What have you been eating this week? Do you have a post about it? Drop it in the comments and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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