Valentine’s Day – A Tale As Old As Time

Hello my dearest readers! This Sunday post is going to jump back a few days to focus on Valentine’s Day, or more specifically it’s going to focus on the little Beauty and the Beast gift basket I made for Matt’s gift.

So themed gifts are kind of my thing; I very seldom give a gift without putting some thematic twist on them. For example, for our last anniversary I put together a Harry Potter gift with boxes filled with travel supplies that looked like various first year spell books that Matt would need for his first year to Hogwarts. This was to go along with the Universal trip we took at the end of October. There was a plastic cauldron, Hufflepuff magnets (his house, not mine), and a few other little goodies. It was probably one of my best ones to be honest.

This year, with the knowledge that the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie would be out just a month after Valentine’s Day, I decided to theme my gift around Matt’s favourite Disney movie. His love for Beauty and the Beast rivals mine at times so I knew this would be the perfect gift. To top it all off I dressed up in the only yellow-ish clothing I own and did my best to replicate Belle’s signature hairstyle (the bun was not easy!). It was nice to dress up a little bit even though we were staying home for dinner.

My two piece skirt and crop top combo is from Forever 21 and is a set I bought last fall after worshipping it from afar for several months, and my shoes are a crappy pair of nude heels from Old Navy that I use more for pictures than anything else.

Now onto Matt’s gift!

The main part of the gift is that I will be buying tickets and dinner at the VIP theatre at Yonge and Dundas so we can go see the movie but I wanted to present the gift within an actual basket of goodies just to make it a bit more special. Once again, I trusted my laptop more than my handwriting and used the same beautiful Alex Brush font that I used for mom’s letters to write the invitation. I haven’t bought the actual tickets yet because the release is still a month away and I want to make sure we pick a night when both of us will actually be free.

Almost everything in the box came from the Dollar Store, which is the best source for bulking up boxed gifts like this. I used the leftover yellow tissue paper from my Mom’s birthday gift, a storage box, and a curly yellow ribbon to set up the box (no wrapped shoeboxes this time). Inside there is bubble bath in a champagne bottle, a feather duster, a crème brûlée scented candle, a cookies and cream bar masking as the grey stuff, movie themed sugar cookies, a single red rose (chocolate), and the peasant Bell Pop Vinyl.

The Pop Vinyl figure was actually a gift from Matt’s sister Kate, who gave us Beauty and the Beast Pop Vinyl’s as part of our Christmas present. The ballroom Belle and Beast vinyl’s are currently filling Oliver and Felicity’s place in our his and her bathroom decor. I was always planning on buying a Pop Vinyl of some sort but this saved me from needing to do so (thanks Kate).

I will admit that I have had this surprise planned out for months; I think I was still working at Wonderland when I first mentioned that this was my plan for Valentine’s day. Basically once we had a release date for the movie I began thinking up ideas. With this in mind, last month when I was grabbing a tea at my favourite Second Cup location in the city at King and John, I noticed these little homemade cookies that fit perfectly with the movie night aspect of my theme so I picked them up and somehow managed to stop myself from eating them before Matt got to see them.

Everything else, as I’ve mentioned, came from the Dollar Store. I grabbed the champagne bubble bath because it reminded me of the popping champagne bottles in the Beauty and the Beast scene of Mickey’s Philharmagic at Disney. The crème brûlée scented candle is not only because it’s one of Matt’s favourite desserts but because I figured it was a bit more practical than an actual candlestick to represent Lumière. On the other side of things, I figured the duster was practical and solid enough to represent Fifi so I stuck that in there as well. And of course the grey stuff and the single rose are pretty self explanatory for anyone who has seen the original animated movie (and if you haven’t you need to get on that).

The real challenge this week has been staying away from all the discounted chocolate that I know is just right outside my door. But thankfully today I get to cheat a little with my Valentine’s gift which involves a fondue dinner for two at Biff’s Bistro, and would you believe it? A trip to Casa Loma to see the Beauty and the Beast exhibit. I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s day, whether you spent it with friends, family, a significant other or just the good ole company of me, myself, and i. Stay tuned this Tuesday and I’ll let you know how Biff’s Bistro was.

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