Tasty Tuesday – Markets, Beer Halls, and Dessert Joints

This Tasty Tuesday post is a bit delayed because last week I really wanted to show off my attempt at slow cooker stuffed pork loin which you can check our here. Before I got back to cooking a healthy meal prep last Monday, Matt and I spent the day with my parents having a bit of an adventure and indulging in some not so healthy food.

I warn you, this one is going to be a long one: we had four different food stops and quite the adventure day.

(Here’s me in my winter hat. I was down on myself this day so I feel the need to combat that with this selfie)

To start off we headed over to Evergreen Brickworks to check out the Winter Village. Matt and I first went to Evergreen Brickworks this past November for the Día de Muertos celebration which, albeit the rain, was a lot of fun. We wandered around the paths, checked out the various food vendors and the Farmer’s Market (which is where I got the chocolate rice krispy skull below) and enjoyed the traditional dances and music. We went back again in December but they hadn’t started the Winter Village yet so we made the trip again last weekend.

When we got there it was pretty busy but to be honest most people were either sitting around at the fire pits or skating so there was plenty of room to walk around and check everything out. The whole set up was cute but compared to Día de Muertos I found it a little underwhelming. I definitely think I prefer this outside spot when it’s a little warmer!

All that being said, we did grab a quick bite to eat from the food trucks hanging out at Evergreen and it was one of the highlights of the day. Mom and I first tried Arepas at Disney World when we ordered an appetizer with them at Skipper’s Canteen and I was excited to sink my teeth into them again after looking up the food trucks that would be present at the Winter Village. The Arepa Republic food truck serves up fresh authentic Arepas as little sandwiches with various fillings. We got one with black beans and beef, a little garlic sauce and hot sauce (they weren’t kidding about hot) and it was perfect. We also had vegetable samosas from another truck but they were demolished before I could snap a picture.

Next up we headed down to the Distillery District to check out the Toronto Light Festival. I’ve avoided all the blog posts about this place because I wanted to see it for myself but to be quite honest it wasn’t really what I was expecting. I think after seeing the Distillery District during the Christmas Market it’s hard to compete. Still, it’s a nice place to walk around no matter what and if it hadn’t been quite so cold we might have stayed a bit longer.

(The neon sign was a great laugh since Matt is 6’7)

To start off the evening we went into a lot of the shops that are too busy during the Christmas Market to really move around in. There’s a little bakeshop called The Sweet Escape that I’m not sure I’ve ever even noticed before. It was tucked away in one of the indoor shopping sections where they not only have shops but they have all the old distillery machines and such on display.

They had all these mini meringues in different flavours for $3 so I grabbed a bag of Birthday Cake meringues for us to try. I really hate that first awkward bite of meringues because it’s like biting into styrofoam or something similar but the taste in these little suckers was amazing. I kind of regret not buying another flavour just to take home. Of course, it was probably a bit healthier to just stick with the one.

Since we got down to the Distillery District a little early and it was still light out so we decided to go for dinner first instead of waiting until after we finished looking at all of the lights. We checked out the Beer Hall at the Mill Street Brew Pub which was a little dark for my taste but the food was pretty awesome. Since we had already done a bunch of snacking throughout the day, mom and I decided to split the Vienna Schnitzel while Matt had their Mac and Cheese with Smoked BBQ Brisket, and my dad got a Pepperoni Pizza. As per usual, the food was shared around the table so I got to try a little bit of everything.

The panko crust on the schnitzel was perfect and I really enjoyed the braised red cabbage but the spätzle was a little soggy compared to what I’m used to. The Mac and Cheese was really good but I’m not a fan of putting meat on my Mac and Cheese so the brisket seemed unnecessary. Plus the cornbread muffin that came with the Mac and Cheese desperately needed butter. Finally, the crust on the pizza wasn’t anything to rave about but the mix of oka and mozzarella cheeses was really nice and the cured pepperoni made it something unique. So it’s a bit of a mixed review but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to checking this place out again, particularly in the summer when we could sit out on the patio.

Our last stop was actually just around the corner from our apartment. Cafe Demetre is a local dessert chain and is actually something I’ve heard a lot about. From what I had been told and what I had seen online it looked a lot like Spin Dessert Cafe which is another dessert place that I first tried when I went to Ottawa with my parents (we walked half an hour for waffles because I was being picky about dessert and I will probably never hear the end of this). I’ve been to the Woodbridge location twice since then and it’s just as delectable.

Cafe Demetre is a lot like Spin in the sense that it’s mostly fancy ice cream with loads of toppings and the choice of putting it on a crepe or a waffle. Normally I would have ordered a waffle but that night I was really in the mood for a slice of plain old chocolate cake which is what mom and I shared. Besides, I knew I was going to get a bite or two from the other plates.

After some heavy, not-so-subtle suggestions from me, Matt ordered the Face Pomme which is a New York Cheesecake with apple crisp, cinnamon streusel, and butter caramel sauce. Meanwhile, my dad ordered the Pomme Pilot which was basically the same toppings but with ice cream on top of a waffle. To be honest, the Pomme Pilot would’ve been enough for the four of us to share. All three of the desserts were excellent and I even enjoyed the ice cream on the Pomme Pilot which is unusual for me since I’m not a big ice cream fan.

Overall, Cafe Demetre comes pretty close to what people chalk it up to be but I have to mention that no one told me how beautiful the restaurant itself is. The decor is pretty fantastic and it’s just the kind of place I’d like to have a girls’ night sometime in the future (hint, hint, ladies). Service was pretty quick, aside from a hiccup where we were left waiting on a glass of milk for a while but nothing to really complain about. My mom (who has been a server for almost 30 years) was really impressed by how smoothly everything was run and by how the managers were helping out with everything instead of just standing around. Plus, the staff get to wear suspenders which is pretty damn cute. It’s a bit more expensive than Spin but it’s more conveniently located for me so it probably evens out in that sense. I’m sure this won’t be the last time I end up there.

Have you been on any adventures lately? Went somewhere new? Tried a new restaurant? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments below, and if you’ve written a post about it please link me!

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