Fitness Friday – January Review

This Fitness Friday is inspired by The Chatty Geek’s Episode 4 which you can read here. After reading her post I liked the idea of reviewing what I had and hadn’t accomplished after a month of working out, eating healthy, and living better. This month I was specifically tracking my water intake, workouts, healthy eating, job applications, and how much I got out of the house. So this is my review of how all that went this past month!

Working Out

My goal for the month was to do 5 workouts a week for 30-40 minutes a day. Considering I was going from working out less than week to five times this was a pretty lofty goal but I’m excited to say that I accomplished it! There was only one or two days when I felt I didn’t really work out as hard as I could have but out of twenty some days I think that is pretty good.

I’d say what helped me the most was having a plan for when I was going to workout and what workouts I was going to do. I divided my five days into focus areas; cardio, legs, core, upper body, full body, and assigned those to five days of the week. For the most part I took Wednesdays and Saturdays off to rest, aside from one week when I flopped my Tuesday and Wednesday because I was simply too busy on the Tuesday. Overall, this worked well and kept me on track.

After a recommendation from a former colleague I checked out Fitness Blender and their free workout videos. My workouts have become almost exclusively Fitness Blender based except for my cardio day which is dedicated to my one true favourite The Fitness Marshall whom you can read about in my first Fitness Friday post here. I will definitely be doing a review on Fitness Blender in the future because I am absolutely in love with their workouts and all their videos are 100% FREE!

The one thing I fell through on this month in terms of fitness was my plan to become more flexible. While I have regained some of my flexibility through my regular workouts, I did not dedicate myself to 20-30 minutes of stretching on my rest days like I originally said I was going to. My goal this month is to keep it ups with 5 days a week and do at least 1 30 minute flexibility routine on one of my rest days.

Healthy Eating

I was not quite as successful with sticking to my healthy eating as I was with my workouts. I did accomplish my goal of drinking 2L of water every day but my other goal to eat clean 6/7 days a week did fall to the wayside some weeks. I was trying to only have one cheat (not cheat day) a week and while I accomplished it on the first two weeks of the month, the last two weeks had too many little adventures where I was tempted to break pattern. Our adventure day to Evergreen Brickworks and Distillery District (which will be the topic of my next Tasty Tuesday) was definitely a weak point in the month since I indulged all day long.

Despite my inability to stick to just one bad meal a week I did manage to eat pretty healthy overall. My good days were truly good, full of good meals with lots of fruits and veggies thrown into the mix. My proper water consumption definitely helped stop me from needlessly eating, and keeping lots of different fruits at home to snack on saved me from munching on some not so healthy things.

While it didn’t work perfectly, I think it’s important to acknowledge that my meal planning really helped me a lot this month. Having things ready to go in advance stopped me from eating out needlessly and saved me from just throwing on some chicken fingers or some pasta all the time just because they are quick and easy.

Living Better

January was a pretty good month for me overall. I had some job interviews, I got to go on some pretty excellent adventures, and I’ve been enjoying my life. I went to my first solo live theatre experience, binge-watched and binge-read a bunch of The Series of Unfortunate Events, and had a full and fulfilling January. Despite being unemployed I was never that bored so I definitely think I kept myself busy enough.

All that being said, last weekend I came to realize that I haven’t taken a single selfie since New Years Eve and I know exactly why: while I think our New Years Eve pictures turned out pretty damn cute (you can see them here if you haven’t seen them already) they were also incredibly eye-opening for me about how much weight I gained back. I don’t need the number on the scale to see that my face is fuller, my cheeks are puffy and that chin isn’t quite as angular as it was this time last year. These wouldn’t necessarily be bad things if I could learn to live with them and love them. Sure, with all this healthy eating and working out I’m bound to slim down again but I shouldn’t have to wait until then to put another picture of myself up online.

In my heart I know my friends and family aren’t all that worried about my puffy cheeks or my double chin, and that it is my own perception of myself stopping me from capturing my excitement and enjoyment in all my adventures. Sure, having pictures of the food and such is great but it’d be nice to be in some of those pictures as well. Because of this I have challenged myself to take a selfie a day for the month of February and to write at least one positive comment about each of these pictures as I go along. I will likely share at least some of these by the end of the month and reflect on what the process was like. If anyone would like to join me on this challenge please do!

While searching for quotes to add to my bullet journal I found a quote that is my motivation for loving myself a bit better this month:

“Dear you, make peace with the mirror and watch your reflection change.”

Overall I think it was a pretty good month. It certainly wasn’t perfect but that’s not what I’m aiming for. This is definitely a process. I know there are weeks when one cheat isn’t going to cut it or where I’m too exhausted to keep up with five workouts but I’m going to continue to try, and I’m going to continue to challenge myself.

How was your January? What did you accomplish? Have you written about it? If you have feel free to drop the link in the comments and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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    1. I just finished their 5 Day Workout Challenge for Busy People and it was a pretty solid way to fit a workout in even on loaded days. They were all 25-30 minutes long!

      1. I thought about getting that program too, but I was unsure how long the workouts are. 30 minutes is usually perfect for me on days that I have to work, so definitely gonna consider this.

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