Tasty Tuesday – Mariposa Market

As you’ll probably quickly note from the pictures of Christmas cakes and other holiday goodies, this Tasty Tuesday post is pretty much a month delayed. I thought about writing this post a couple of times in the past few weeks but I really wanted to focus my Tasty Tuesday posts on some healthy meals before I jumped back into showcasing another place I like to ‘cheat’ at.

Mariposa Market in Orillia, Ontario is one gem of a bakery that I have been going to since I was a kid. We used to camp just outside of Orillia and Mariposa was somewhere in town we would always go to pick up treats. It’s basically been our go-to place for birthday cakes and Christmas dessert for the past decade or so.

Well, the cake was great.

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(The Caramel Mountain cake Matt & I had for our birthdays last year)

They have recently renovated and almost doubled the inside which is nice because this place is always crowded during the holidays. The back half of the shop which used to just consist of a single long hallway has been turned into a second serving area with sandwiches, desserts, and drinks. The second serving area is nice if you’re just jumping in for lunch and don’t want to go into the madness of the rest of the place.

Mariposa is great for getting cakes, cookies, and all sorts of sweet things but they also have a great selection of savoury items. You can get fresh bread, preserves, quiches, and a whole bunch of others delicious eats. Mom and I generally share a sandwich and some sort of goodie so it’s cheating but on a smaller scale. On this particular trip we shared the turkey croissant sandwich which consists of turkey, havarti cheese, mixed greens, alfalfa sprouts, and cucumbers on a cheese croissant with red pepper jelly. It’s definitely out go to sandwich, especially because they didn’t have any holiday turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberries. We also had an After Eight Bomb which wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be but good enough that it was ate before a picture was taken. We took our lunch upstairs and ate in the expanded seating area which used to be all of ten little two seater tables but now has big long tables and an area with couches.

After lunch we went to pick up the goodies that we had come for for Christmas. I did do some Christmas baking as well but since we have Christmas with our extended family who number over 20, it’s easier to just pick up a bunch of desserts instead of baking all day. Plus, this saves me from eating a whole tub of icing while I’m waiting for things to finish baking.

In addition to the cookies we picked up for Christmas, my mom had ordered a small Yule Log for ourselves at home over the holidays. These things are just like a giant Swiss Roll covered in chocolate icing. They’re super sweet and we love them so much that sometimes we’ve ordered them out of season for birthdays (yes, we did get a kind of confused reaction for this since my birthday is in October but it was worth it.)

So if you ever find yourself in Orillia looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat or just a sugary snack, I seriously suggest checking this place out! Anyway, I’ll be back with the healthy stuff next Tuesday!

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