Fitness Friday – I don’t want to get out of bed!

I am the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time in bed. Not only am I a big fan of napping and going to bed early, my bed is also just a place I like to hang out. When I was still at university I would say at least 80% of my studying at home was done in my bed despite the fact that I had a perfectly good studying area at my desk.

Our bedroom in the new place is pretty damn small but it’s still one of my favourite rooms to be (not that I have many options in my apartment). I love our teal chevron bedding from Target and the artsy pastel city pictures from Ikea that we have above the bed. It’s definitely the most pinterest worthy my bedroom has ever looked and admittedly it makes me feel that much comfier.

Bedroom cuteness accomplished… it's nice to not be sleeping on the floor.

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So what’s the point of all this bed talk? Well, for this Fitness Friday I want to highlight another Youtube fitness guru like I did with the Fitness Marshall in one of my previous Fitness Fridays. However, this time I am just going to highlight a single video: Joanna Soh’s 5-Minute AB Exercises in Bed.

I found Joanna Soh’s channel a long while ago while just looking up workouts I could do at home. She has a bunch of videos focusing on healthy eating, meal planning, and of course working out but I will admit I haven’t had much chance to try out anything more than this one video. Still, it’s one I come back to when I just can’t seem to pull myself out of bed right away to do a full workout.

Now, we all know you aren’t going to get a flat stomach or a six pack with a five minute workout that you do laying on your bed but some activity it better than no activity so I like to throw on this video on those days where I just need a bit more time cozied into my mattress.

The workout is simple and low impact, plus it gives your muscles a good stretch. My favourite part of the workout is the Wide Leg, Cross Sit-Ups the best because I feel my core working while also improving my flexibility. Generally I’ll do the workout through a few times and then do some light stretching afterwards.

There we have it, another Fitness Friday complete! Consider this workout the next time you’re struggling to get yourself out of bed, it may even give you the boost you need to pull yourself away from those cozy covers!

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  1. Hi there, thanks for visiting and liking my blog! Thanks for sharing these fitness tips. I absolutely love my bed too. And your bedding is gorgeous! Take care. x

    1. Thank you for the return visit, I’m glad you like the tips (and the bedding)! I found your post on healthy ways to manage stress a great reminder in a time when I was drowning in job applications and other stressful stuff so thanks for helping me keep on track!

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