Fitness Friday – Gear Haul

So in my Christmas haul post two weeks ago I neglected to include the new workout gear I received from Matt’s parents but with good reason! I wanted to highlight the workout stuff separately in a Fitness Friday post so I could show off the gear I’m using this year since I’m passing up on the gym since the one in my building should be done in a month or two.

At my previous gym I spent a lot of time in the workout studio whenever there weren’t classes going on because it was a quieter place where I could workout without feeling like I was being watched (and judged). The mirrors made it easier to correct my form and to motivate myself. Luckily for me, my front closet has mirrored doors that are right in front of where I workout so I had that part covered from the start. That just meant that I needed the equipment I was using in the studio.

And that’s just what I got for Christmas!

The workout mat is something I already had (it’s actually Matt’s) and is absolutely necessary because I tried working out on my area rug and ended up with rug burn on my knees and elbows, not pleasant!

The dumbbells are replacing the yoga weights I was using at the gym. The red ones are 2 pounds each, and the green ones are 4 pounds. After a while I plan on investing in some 10 pound weights but for now I’m just trying to build my strength back up to where it was last year when I was still going to the gym. Today was arm day and circuits with the 4 pounds was more than enough to leave me shaky so I’ll stick with them for now and use the 2 pounds on full body day.

I’m excited to add these into my workouts to add some resistance and to help me tone up my arms again.

Secondly, the 8 pound medicine ball is replacing the sand balls I was using at the gym. The textured rubber of this ball makes it easy to grip, even when you’re hands are shaking and you’re a little sweaty (a.k.a. me during my core workout yesterday). Core is one of my strong spots so this ball is going to make me fight harder and build myself up even more!

So that’s it. That’s all I’m using, that and a good pair of running shoes, a crappy Brock University water bottle, and all the nifty free workout videos I can find online. I miss having access to all the machines at the gym but for now I’m going to make this work for me!

What gear are you using this year to workout? If you ever have any suggestions on videos, gear, or other resources to check out please leave a comment below! I’m always interested in checking out new things that will help me stay on this healthy path.

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