Tasty Tuesday – Getting Back to Meal Prep

So we’ve finally reached a Tasty Tuesday where I can show you all the good things I’m going to be putting in my body. Now that the holidays are over I am starting completely fresh! That means it’s time for meal prep.

Despite the fact that I am currently unemployed and am home almost every day of the week, I still find it useful to do all my cooking at once. It helps me track my eating, and it allows me to make sure that food doesn’t go to waste. Plus, it keeps Matt out of the cafeteria at his work which not only keeps him eating healthier but also saves us a few dollars.

We picked up all our groceries last week when we grabbed the food for our New Years Eve party and today I finally had the time and energy to do something with it.

My shopping list for this week’s meals was:

From these ingredient I had four different meals planned:

  • Jalapeño Chicken and Veggies
  • Tandoori Pork Chops and Veggies
  • Haddock and Veggies
  • Beef Soup

The fish and the chicken may seem like cheating because they’re frozen but I usually try to have a couple ‘easy’ parts to my meals to cut down on cooking time. Since both of these were on sale and they’re fairly healthy it was a no brainer. Plus, I’m addicted to the No Name stuffed chickens and just one of them with some veggies is enough to fill me up.

I started with the soup since it was going in the crockpot. I am a ‘throw everything in a pot and hope it works out’ kind of cook. I don’t care for recipes and won’t use one unless I’m really desperate or trying something I’ve never made before. I threw in the stewing beef, canned green beans, corn, carrots, 1 red potato, 1 sweet potato, 1 parsnip, the can of beef broth and some water. Afterwards I realized I also had barley so I threw some of that in as well.

The soup should have been done 4-6 hours after the fact but partway through cooking I realized I hadn’t plugged the crockpot in properly so it was the last thing to finish. Oops!

While the stew was not cooking I threw the chicken and fish into the oven while I began working on the veggies. I tend to roast most of my veggies in a light amount of extra virgin olive oil and some sort of seasoning. Most of the time I use summer savoury, it gives the veggies a nice flavour without the use of any salt.

I used the summer savoury over a mix of carrots, potatoes, parsnip, and brussel sprouts, while I tossed the asparagus in some oil and parmesan cheese. I didn’t season the acorn squash at all, mainly because what I usually do is glaze it with butter and yellow sugar but I decided to skip that part to keep things healthier.

Partway through cooking I realized I had far too much food pulled out so I put back one of the sweet potatoes and some of the carrots which I will roast later on in the week with the butternut squash I still have in the fridge.

Lastly, I covered the pork chops in Suraj Tandoori Masala spice. I’m a huge fan on Indian flavours, and while I’d much rather go downtown and find a good Indian restaurant to eat at, having this tandoori masala spice on hand allows me to get my feel of flavourful heat while at home.

At the end of it all I had 4 takeaway meals for both Matt and I, in addition to a large crockpot of soup (which yielded 3 meals for both of us plus 2 small containers to freeze). I added some rice meals to his so he would have a bit more carb to fill him up since he’s a lot bigger than me.

This, along with all the fresh fruit, vegetables, deli meat, and assorted cheeses in the fridge will get me through the week clean and healthy. Now all I have to do is keep up with my workouts, avoid cheating (except for popcorn on Saturday), and drink lots of water! Challenge accepted.

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