A Very Merry Miller Christmas

It’s my favourite holiday! Or really, it’s my favourite month. Christmas music, baked goods, and getting some quality time with the family is always something that makes me feel a little more like myself. I might not eat the best over the holidays but I do usually end up on a very good diet of friends, family, and a whole lot of love. Sometimes that’s just the kind of health that you need.

My family is pretty big on gift giving, not because we have a ton of money or because we want to show off but because we like treating each other when we can. It’s cliche but it’s so much more about the happiness you bring to someone by giving a gift than receiving one in return.

That being said, I do want to write a bit about the gifts I did receive because quite a few of them are going to help me become healthier and happier. And who knows, maybe you’ll see something and want to pick it up for yourself on Boxing Day!

The hobby that really drove me towards starting this blog in the first place is bullet journalling. I do not have the best handwriting, though I’ve been told a couple times it’s ‘cute’ and by that I think people mean it’s a little juvenile but legible. Still, I find bullet journalling is a good way to keep track of my meals, my workouts, and just my general schedule. I’ve used it to plan dates, track my Christmas shopping, and I just find it a really relaxing way to organize yourself.

I gave the really vague request of stationary and ended up with some pretty wicked letterhead paper, a beautiful fountain pen, and linen business paper which is supposedly pretty good for fountain pens. I’m planning on using these to draft out some of my future blog posts and to set a schedule for myself.

As I post more you’ll get to see that books are one of my happy places. I lost my love of reading for a little while when I was in University. I know I’m not the only one who had gone through this issue; it can be hard to pick up a book for pleasure when you are assigned dozens of readings every week. I was so overwhelmed with reading articles and textbooks that I found it hard to focus on my personal books.

Since graduating I have tried to get back into reading. I was kind of surprised by how tough it actually was at first. I found my gateway back into reading was actually children’s books. I binge read the first two books of the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman and that got me right back into the flow of things.

In general I read a lot of Young Adult books, particularly ones with magic. My friends pushed me towards Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen this past summer and I blasted through the first book within a couple of days. The story mixes a dystopian narrative with a medieval setting. You have an imperfect heroine in Queen Kelsea who is not the typical every woman but instead will likely get on your nerves quite often. She’s a solid heroine to follow, and the cast of supporting characters is equally as interesting and wonderfully flawed.

Now, I’m excited to dive into the final instalment of this trilogy “Fate of the Tearling”. It’s the first book on my to-read list for the new year.

Finally, my go to self-care routine involves a warm bubble bath. This was a real problem in the past year since my last apartment only had a stand-alone shower but the new place has the best built bathtub I have ever been in. It’s an off week if I’m not in there reading at least 3 times.

Now, I will admit I never really understood the whole obsession with LUSH until a couple months ago when I bought myself one of their bubble bars. These things are awesome! I prefer them over bath bombs because they are multi-use so I get more bubbles for my buck.

The one that looks like a little milk bottle is “Milky Bath” and it’s the first bar I ever tried. It smells like fresh laundry! I can generally get 3-4 baths out of this bar. You just crumble a bit under running water and it fills the bath with lovely smelling bubbles!

The other two bars I received are “Santasaurus” and “Jester” which are both conveniently on sticks so you don’t have to break pieces off. Instead you just run them under the tap. I’ve had Santasaurus before and got 5 baths out of the bar which I think it a really good deal for the price you pay.

When I take my bubble baths I always find it a little more magical to have a candle lit. I received three of the Bath and Body Works three wick candles which I admittedly go through like a mad woman. This year I ended up with “‘Tis the season”, “Hot Apple Toddy”, and “Flannel”. ‘Tis the season is definitely my favourite, it smells just like the pie scent they spray into the audience at Disney World’s Philharmagic and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So that’s my little self-care Christmas haul. I’m feeling incredibly loved and definitely spoiled.

So how is your Christmas going? Are you stuffed with baked goods and egg nog yet? It’s time for me to run off for the big family get together but I’d love to hear how you’re enjoying the holidays, whether you celebrate or not!

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